I tried to convince my dad it’d be alright if I only go to school twice a week, it’d have been enough for me to learn what I had to. My fantasy was to sleep longer. In fact, to sleep is sacred for me to this day. But daddy would laugh at me and hug me and say: “you’re so witty Abi, get ready, the school bus is coming”.

On the other side, my brother was constantly discouraged about school. He never had good grades but there was a time he really appealed for staying at home. I remember his sad face while walking to our classroom :(. With intensive questioning my mom discovered an older kid in his class was baiting and threatening him.

The kid had flunked 7th grade twice and had an abusive behaviour with younger children. Finally, mom and dad went to school and made it a safer place for Isaiah.

Listen to your children. There is always a logical reason why they do what they do or why they want what they want. Ask them until they speak their hearts and minds out.
Loving this book.