My whole life
•because I have affection towards my mom’s hometown, Colón, of which the majority of its population is black,

•because my grandpa was black,

•because most people I played basketball (my fave sport) with are black,

•because black blood runs through my veins,

•because my closest friends are black,
I feel identified with the indiscriminate and unjustified killing of black people in the US. Above all of the reasons listed before, I feel identified because I’m human and I was taught to put myself in the shoes of my fellow man/woman and try to feel what they feel. If I feel impotence and despair, I can’t imagine how the Black Community feels.

It irritated me how people mocked and complained about all speeches addresing the equality of black artists in the Hollywood world dominated by whites. These poor-spirited, non-empathetic people shed comments like: ‘I’m tired and bored of this whining about racism’, ‘Racism is dead, these black people just want to get attention. Get over it!’, ‘These people are annoying!’ and so on. Racism is real!

How much black blood needs to be shed for humanity to wake about racism? Open your eyes!