After years of silence and
the monotony of male tones of voice,
there was finally a noisy day:
no birds singing, no cars, no ringing,
but people yelling out discontent.

Movies say we are better now
TV Series suggest change is pretty near,
that we can work, have a family,
that we can do laundry and be happy.
A doubt: is that in Mars or here?

True, women can do it all:
they can nurture and run a place
and cook and sow and clean.
But who said it’s all on us?
Burn in hell whoever that is.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend no one
just trying to plant a seed.
Hell means giving your back on education,
not to feel for other people’s needs.
Otherwise, I wish you books, a city tour…
Raise your conscience, think.

In the end, I don’t cease to clean
and cook and work,
while making noise and suspecting
about all the movies and TV-shows.
Keep feeding your brain.
Woman, don’t stop.

They´ll try to silence us,
it’s too messy to change things up.
But Earth is crawling and soon it will walk.
We are not imagining this, woman,
but creating, building it up.
I’m sure,
Mars is not better than our World.