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June 2016

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Suitcase Scent

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My Flag

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Good Morning Sun: Not Dead…Yet

Good Morning Sun

The chance that tomorrow’s sun
may find me dead,
keeps me awake.
I’ve lost so many days online,
too many hours angry,
too much delusion and façade.
I’m in debt.
I owe the people and myself.

I used to think that Death
picked up the good ones
and left the wicked.
It has taken from me
So why be good then?
Acceptance, love, bliss,

The children must live,
they deserve a shot.
The old shouldn’t die
they’ll help us survive.
All die. Appalling.
What happens next is
Im afraid to die young
and also startled to grow old.
Scared of not knowing
and being judged for seeking
to know.

Bittersweet it is.
Yeh… be afraid to be gone,
but It must be scariest
not to live.
Use your time wisely
avoid getting internet-high
spend less time aerated
and don’t wait, go. Now!

PS: The debt of love won’t end,
see the homeless and look at yourself.
Keep feeling debtor
so Death may stop lurking.
There you have! The next round
is running.
Don’t owe the world.
Don’t risk to owe yourself.
Incessantly settling up and owing.
Life is ticking away…


He knows…


This guy uses to read the newspaper
in the early morning,
eats inexpensive and dresses cheap.
He doesn’t exercise, is not into selfies
and follows the news
concerning the Middle East.
His speech is slow,
he wears scratched glasses,
and calls his mamma after sleep.

This lady never wears the same dress,
all her dollars go to makeup and gems;
journals or TV news are boring for her.
She knows how to work little
and earn a lot.
She knows how to smile, how to flirt,
how to talk.
Males or females… they surrender
their money, dazed by her touch.

He seems smart, right?
And lovely and hard-working
and peaceful, doesn’t he?
Some say her heart is a rock,
that she uses smutty language,
but that beauty, this smile…
she won’t lie, she never lies.

He’s in love with her
despite it’s his money she’ll snatch.
He knows.
He won´t look back.
She did not trick him.
She did not hide her thoughts.
“We deserve each other” he says,
I guess he knows her better than us.

Note: Perhaps this tale written above
will have a happy ending.
Perhaps yours, with that boring,
Disney princess,
Will be all day -pretending-.
I hope you know, you better know.



After years of silence and
the monotony of male tones of voice,
there was finally a noisy day:
no birds singing, no cars, no ringing,
but people yelling out discontent.

Movies say we are better now
TV Series suggest change is pretty near,
that we can work, have a family,
that we can do laundry and be happy.
A doubt: is that in Mars or here?

True, women can do it all:
they can nurture and run a place
and cook and sow and clean.
But who said it’s all on us?
Burn in hell whoever that is.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend no one
just trying to plant a seed.
Hell means giving your back on education,
not to feel for other people’s needs.
Otherwise, I wish you books, a city tour…
Raise your conscience, think.

In the end, I don’t cease to clean
and cook and work,
while making noise and suspecting
about all the movies and TV-shows.
Keep feeding your brain.
Woman, don’t stop.

They´ll try to silence us,
it’s too messy to change things up.
But Earth is crawling and soon it will walk.
We are not imagining this, woman,
but creating, building it up.
I’m sure,
Mars is not better than our World.

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