At last I had time… I stole time
and thought
about all the things I do and what I choose
are all on remote:
“love a man, not a woman
work to death, get more money
buy a house, get a car
don’t drink, don’t smoke,
and watch out what you do
on your under clothes”,
someone told me I could be punished
if this I ignore.

“Don’t curse”, someone said,
“bad words are not allowed
you can’t hate, can’t dance
can’t lie, can’t fight.
Love. Hope. March.
You must respect authority
don’t hesitate to obey them
they are in that position for a reason
don’t doubt, say yes…
you’ll have a reward in the end”.

Like this I was raised, blinded by a lash or a gift.
Lived like that until a few days ago I woke up from the myth:
Too many children frightened.
Women crying on the streets.
Poverty, men like zombies,
rotten brains, broken dreams.
What is the point mamma, don’t you see?
What that someone told us
Can’t be the only thing.

So I found out that it was religion
an element for such despair
because I ask some people about it
and they felt no love or hope but fear.
Let’s try this: Go to bed, talk to your pillow,
find out what you want.
Don’t wish for a halo,
that’s not the purpose of life.
Go have fun, live, laugh and try.